Welcome to the State Farm Insurance Companies Supplier Registration Portal!

Registration is an important step in our ability to engage suppliers that demonstrate the ability to add value, and provide high-quality goods and services that are competitively priced, reliable, and aligned with our business requirements.
To register, select the registration button on the top right. Before registering, please gather the following documents:
• Company capabilities overview
• Your products/services listing
• Diversity Certifications

Diverse Supplier Registration

State Farm is committed to actively sourcing qualified diverse suppliers that will contribute to our goal of providing quality products and services to meet our customers' needs at competitive prices while encouraging equal opportunities for diverse businesses.
State Farm’s Supplier Diversity Program promotes the use of qualified diverse suppliers and subcontractors for the provisioning of goods and performance of services. If you are a current diverse supplier for State Farm, or have interest in doing business with State Farm and would like to be recognized for your diversity status, please register as such within our portal. This information will then be stored and searchable by our Purchasing Department when identifying suppliers to fulfill future buying needs.

Tier 2 Spend Reporting

If you are a current State Farm supplier reporting Tier II spend, please go to the Universal Diversity Reporting System.
If you have already registered in the State Farm portal please use those credentials to log into the Universal Diversity Reporting System.


Registration as a supplier does not constitute approval of your company as a supplier to the State Farm Insurance Companies or obligate the State Farm Insurance Companies to solicit a quotation or include your company in upcoming RFPs. Registering provides the State Farm Insurance Companies with access to your company’s capabilities and confirms your qualifications as a supplier.